Fun Dive

Recreational Diving for Certified Divers

    • Fun Dive around Ao Nang Islands

      Dive the islands in Ao Nang Bay. A small area with lots of diversity . Exceptional for fans of the small critters.

    • Ao Nang Islands : 2 Dives

      2,700.00 THB
    • Ao Nang Islands : 3 Dives

      3,600.00 THB
    • Fun Dive around Phi Phi Islands

      Dive the famous sites of the Phi Phi Islands. Reefs, wrecks and pinnacles.

    • Phi Phi Islands : 2 Dives

      3,500.00 THB
    • Phi Phi Islands : 3 Dives

      4,400.00 THB
    • Fun Dive around Koh Haa Yai

      A small cluster of islands further off-shore. Beautiful reefs, deep sites and a shallow lagoon.

    • Koh Haa Yai : 2 Dives

      5,600.00 THB