Open Water Diver Referral

A pair of scuba divers swim in clear water over a sandy sea bed

Start your course tuition at home.

As a subprogram of the PADI Open Water Diver program, the PADI Referral Course allows you to get certified quickly and easily by minimizing time constraints whilst on holiday.

The PADI Referral program allows you to start your diving course at home before your holiday in Krabi.
This reduces the amount of time you will spend in our classroom during your holiday.

This PADI pre-entry level certification is perfect for holidaymakers who don’t want to spend half their holiday in a classroom or sitting on the bottom of a pool.

Find a local Dive Center

Sign up for the Open Water course at a dive center conveniently located for your home or work and complete course work and confined water / pool dives before coming to us.

Find a local PADI Diving Centre on the PADI Center Locator Website. Type your location in the box titled ‘Near…’

Study with a local Instructor

With an instructor from your local Dive Center you will receive the self-study materials and attend classroom teaching sessions. You will complete the Knowledge reviews, and exams.

Pool Dive at your local Diving Center

At your local dive center you will be taught all about the necessary SCUBA diving equipment and you will complete all the skills and drills  in local diving pool with your instructor.

The Referral

After you have successfully passed the knowledge exams and proficiently learned skills in the pool then your instructor will complete the Referral that you will bring to us.

The fun continues at The Dive

When you arrive in Ao Nang you will sign-up for the Open Water Referral course with us and complete your PADI Open Water Certification training.

Open Water Diving

The course will consist of skills review and diving in Open Water.


Four dives in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea surrounded by tropical reef fish.

Course Requirements

To enroll in the Open Water Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must:

  • Be 10 years or older (PADI eLearning requires an extra registration step for students under 13 years due to international internet laws)

Course Duration

2 days.

Course Times

Day 1 & Day 2

Open Water Diving

Pick up from your accommodation : 7:30 am
Return to your accommodation : 5:00 pm
(times are approximate – subject to change on the day)


Open Water Diver Referral

10,400.00 THB

จำนวนไดฟ์ : 4

Additional Fees


400.00 THB

หมดอายุภายใน 3 วัน

ส่วนลดสำหรับเด็กอายุต่ำกว่า 15 ปี และสำหรับคนไทย


200.00 THB

สำหรับนักดำน้ำต่อคน ต่อวัน

Subject to change depending on the announcement of the Marine Park Department.