Recreational Diving

Recreational Diving

The Fun Dives

The Andaman Coast

Ao Nang is in Krabi Province on Thailand’s Andaman Coast, this is where we are.

Dive Sites and Marine Species

The famous Phi Phi Islands are just 30 kms from Ao Nang. There are dozens of dive sites around the islands.
At each site you will see hard and soft corals and lots of tropical reef fish of many, many species.
In this area there are; hawksbill turtles, zebra (leopard) sharks, blacktip reef sharks and the occasional whale shark. If you want to see nudibranchs and sea horses then let us know….

We also have easy access to other dive areas apart from the Phi Phi Islands. Each area offers different marine environments and dive experiences.


If you like to see wrecks then we have the old and well corroded King Cruiser, now well on the way to being claimed by the reef. It’s a sanctuary too many fish which attracts bigger silver predatory species and much of the super structure is turning into fields of soft corals.

There’s also the recently sunk (2014) Ked Gaeow wreck, a great site to safely explore a ship underwater.

This area of the Andaman Sea is not especially deep, most dive sites bottom-out at about 30 metres.
There is tidal movement but never any dangerously strong currents and the water is always warm, in the region of 26c – 30c.


Visit this page for brief descriptions of our main แหล่งดำน้ำ.

Fun Diving is fun!

We are here for certified divers looking for a day or more of diving fun in beautiful locations from a comfortable boat staffed by helpful and enthusiastic staff.

New Experiences

If you have requests for a new diving experience, if there’s species of marine life you want to see we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Big Boat

Between Ao Nang and the dive sites you will be on a big comfortable boat with tea and coffee, water and soft drinks available throughout the trip. A tasty hot lunch is served after the first dive. You can let us know before if you have any special dietary requirements.

SCUBA Diving Equipment

We have only good condition recently serviced equipment which we will fit to you.

You are always welcome to bring your own gear.

We also have extras available for you to enhance your day, such as a private guide, Diving computers and Nitrox tanks. See more on the Price List.

Multi Dive Packages and SCUBA Diving Clubs

If you’re here for a holiday of SCUBA diving and planning to dive on many days or organising a Club trip then please let us know and we will make arrangements.

Dive Holiday Planning

We will help with advice and planning your days for the greatest variety of dive experiences.

For each of your dive trips we try to provide you with the same Divemasters so you can get to know each other for improved communication and individual dive planning.

We offer discounted dive packages.

Please ติดต่อเรา to help plan your dive trip with The Dive Ao Nang.