The Dive, The Environment

The Environment

The Dive Ao Nang

Minimise Our Impact

At The Dive Ao Nang we try everyday to do what we can to minimise our environmental impact.

We run our motor vehicles and our boat efficiently, we avoid single-use plastics wherever we can find an alternative.

Clean Up

We actively participate in beach clean ups and we sponsor the local Trash Hero initiative.

Everyday we are in the Ocean we will take time to remove garbage that’s caught on the reefs and rubbish that’s floating on the surface. We’d be delighted if you would like to participate too.


We and our staff love to talk about the marine environments and we will take time to help you identify the fish and and animal species that you see while diving. We give briefings before and after each dive.

snorkelling in flotasm removing rubbish near phi phi islands
Liz collecting floating trash near the Phi Phi Islands

Dive Skills and Buoyancy Control

We will take care of you and the reef by helping you to control your buoyancy and maintain a good diving posture and finning technique.

If you are keen to learn more contact us and ask about Peak Performance Buoyancy courses.

We love Krabi and we try to care for these beautiful environments, land and sea.